ITU LA Document and ITU Recognition Sheet

What is Learning Agreement -LA- & Recognition Sheet?

According to the rules of the National Agency, a full-time undergraduate or graduate student (including thesis students) must take 30 ECTS for 1 semester and 60 ECTS for 2 semesters. The document showing that you are a full-time student is your LA document.

Recognition document is the document which shows the courses that you will take in the receiving institution along with their ITU equivalents. Since this document will be used for course transfer into the transcript (recognition) after mobility, the matching of courses must be done completely and accurately.

How do I choose 30/60 ECTS courses?

• The students must research the contents of the receiving institution's courses and ECTS values

• Several courses from receiving institution are compared with ITU course contents and ECTS.

• Courses considered appropriate are submitted to approval of the departmental coordinator.

• If the courses are compatible, the LA preparation process begins.

Points to take into consideration while preparing Learning Agreement & Recognition Document

1. The documents must be filled in electronically in a complete and accurate manner.

2. The recognition sheet must be printed as double-sided and the signature procedure must be followed to ensure that the signatures are complete.

3. No courses without corresponding course at ITU can be taken.

4. One semester should include on average 30 ECTS.  Students should choose 60 ECTS courses per two semesters.

5. The difference between the total amount of ECTS selected in the receiving institution and in ITU should be maximum 5 ECTS for a semester.

6. In LA document or after LA Change, the total amount of language courses must not exceed 30% of the total credits received.

7. To successfully complete / to pass a minimum of 21 ECTS for one semester and 42 ECTS for two semesters (regardless of how many ECTS are in LA) is a prerequisite for students to get the remaining 30% of the grant.

8. If ITB or MT courses are to be written in LA, either the code and name of the course or general notations such as 6yy MT, 8th year ITB should be written. Courses written with both course code and semester in the form at the same time will not be accepted.

9. A course for which prerequisites have not already been taken cannot be taken in Erasmus+ mobility.

10. A courses and its prerequisites cannot be taken together in the same semester.

11. Students who will perform mobility for one year can take the prerequisite of the course at first semester and the course at second semester. However, if students fail in the prerequisite of the course for the first term, they must drop the course for which prerequisite cannot be completed from the second term LA.

12. More than one corresponding course may be selected for a course with faculty approval and this match must be shown correctly in the recognition sheet.

13. Students cannot take a course that is not included in their curriculum.

14. A course previously taken at ITU can be retaken during the Erasmus+ period provided that its grade is/was not AA.

Step-by-step signature guide

ITU LA Change

Recognition Sheet of LA Change

Document holder, student

Document holder, student

ITU – Erasmus Departmental Coordinator

ITU – Erasmus Departmental Coordinator

ITU – Erasmus Institutional Coordinator

ITU – Faculty/Institute Exchange Commission and Dean/Dean of Institute

Receiving Institution – Erasmus Departmental/Programme/Institutional Coordinator

ITU – Erasmus Institutional Coordinator


 NOTE: If the LA document of receiving institution is already prepared and is in the same format as ITU, there is no need to re-prepare the ITU LA document. However, the recognition document must be prepared at all times and should be included in the documents to be delivered to the Erasmus office together with original LA on return of the mobility. In addition, since the recognition (course transfer into the transcript) process cannot be completed with either LA document or recognition document alone, if one of these two documents is lost or not prepared, your Erasmus+ period will not be recognized and you may face penalties.