ITU LA Change &Recognition Sheet of LA Change

If any of the following situations occur, changes need to be made to the initially prepared LA:

  • ®if you would like to drop some of the courses,
  • ®if you would like to take extra courses,
  • ®if the name or the credit of any course has changed and eventually the course name on your primary LA will not match with the course name on the receiving institution’s transcript


  1. According the Turkish National Agency rules, changes have to be carried out within 7 weeks after the lectures start at receiving institution.
  2. The changes must be made by preparing LA change document and recognition sheet of LA change document.


On both forms, course equivalents must be done correctly. If you would like to drop courses, you have to choose D (drop). If you planning to take new courses, you have to choose A (add). The unchanged courses taken in the initially prepared LA should not be shown on both documents.


Step-by-step signature guide

ITU LA Change

Recognition Sheet of LA Change

Document holder, student

Document holder, student

Receiving Institution – Erasmus Departmental/Programme/Institutional Coordinator

ITU – Erasmus Departmental Coordinator

ITU – Erasmus Departmental Coordinator

ITU – Faculty/Institute Exchange Commission and Dean/Dean of Institute

ITU – Erasmus Institutional Coordinator

ITU – Erasmus Institutional Coordinator



* Approved LA change document by the receiving institution and recognition sheet of the LA change must be sent to ITU Erasmus Departmental Coordinator via e-mail.


* Approved LA change and recognition sheet by the department/institute must be reached to ITU Erasmus Office for the final approval by the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator. The documents should be delivered by your friends or sent by the department/institute.


*   All approved documents are kept in Erasmus Office till student’s mobility ends.


* It is the student’s responsibility to follow all approval process and to take necessary precautions to ensure that documents are not lost.