May 2020
About the payments made by Erasmus students which could not be refunded

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, some of our students who had been entitled to the 2019-2020 Academic Year Erasmus + Mobility could have not started their mobility or forced to return to Turkey after they started the mobility in the host institutions. Some of the students made some payments related to Erasmus + mobility, but they could not take them back. The losses of our students will be tried to be compensated as much as possible within the limits of Erasmus budget. While running this process, all students in the same situation will be treated equally.

In order to make a grant payment possible, it is obligatory to get an official document from the relevant institution/company which proves that the payment made by the students could not be returned. These documents are to be sent to the Erasmus Office.

Within this framework, it is required to send an e-mail informing about your expenditures (flight ticket, dormitory / lease, visa and insurance etc.) to “” until 02 June 2020.

ITU Erasmus Office