Incoming Student Procedures for Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility

Prospective incoming students who would like to be a trainee in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) within the framework of Erasmus+ are supposed to find a traineeship position by asking to the related departments. In case the student could not find the right contact, he/she could get in contact with ITU Erasmus Office to ask for help.

After finding the supervisor in ITU and having the confirmation, the home institution of the student must send the official nomination list via e-mail:

If you need an acceptance letter, in addititon to offical nomination by your institution, you should deliver your learning agreement which has been signed by all the parties, to ITU Erasmus Office.

Please consider that incoming students are supposed to come to Istanbul at least a week before their traineeship program starts. For the info about visa procedures, please click here.

The candidate students should prepare the list of the documents stated below and send them to with the subject “to the attention of advisor for incoming traineeship students” before their arrival.

Students should come to ITU Erasmus Office as soon as possible after their arrival to Istanbul in order to be able to receive their Student ID Number and YOK-SIS number (temporary ID number for governmental issues) from ITU Erasmus Office.

After having the Student ID number, students could go to ITU Card Processing Center to get Student ID Card which is essential for getting into the campus, eating in university canteen and benefitting from other social activities like getting into library or pool etc. In the same building, students should go to ITU Information Technology Department to get an ITU Web Mail account, which will enable students to use WIFI in campus and other ITU applications especially ITU Portal.

Registration to ITU Portal is essential as ITU will provide accident insurance to students after their registration to this system is completed. Please ask your supervisor to guide you for this registration.

Before registering to ITU Portal, students need to get a foreign ID number from Istanbul Migration Management service. For the students who are planning a traineeship activity, which longs more than 90 days, it is compulsory to apply for residence permit.

Please declare your Foreign ID Number to Erasmus Office by filling this form.

You could get a discounted transportation card as you are a student. Please check out details in theIncoming Student Orientation Presentation.

ITU cannot provide dormitories for incoming traineeship students. However, ITU Erasmus Student Network moderates a Facebook account for accommodation guidance.


Advisor for Erasmus+ Incoming Traineeship Students

Emel Kanbur