Feb 2021
Application Manual for outgoing students in the framework of 2021-2022 Academic Year Erasmus+ mobility for studies

Dear Students,

Click for the Online Application Manual. Also, please check "Who Can participate?" section for the update which is about the evaluation status of the students who had been participated previously Erasmus and had  been affected by Pandemia.

Frequently asked questions about the documents which should be uploaded during online application:

1-How will I have my application form signed by my department / program coordinator
- After signing it yourself, you can request a signature by sending an e-mail to your departmental/ program coordinator. It is possible to attach the scanned signature to the document or to scan the signed document.

2-I have more than one document that I have to upload to the document loading areas; what should I do?
- To upload more than one document to the relevant loading areas, convert the documents to PDF and combine the PDFs.