KA131 Student Mobility for Studies (Program Countries) - Incoming Students


Due to new internal procedures, we will not accept nominations via e-mail. Students must be nominated by their home university through the online nomination tool.

Online Nomination Link: http://erasmus.itu.edu.tr/en/student-mobility/ka131(programcountries)/incomingerasmus/nomination-tool

After checking and approving your nominations, your student(s) will receive an e-mail including guidance about online application.

Nomination Deadlines:
Fall Semester / Full Year: 01 May
Spring Semester: 01 November

Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester / Full Year: 01 June

Spring Semester: 01 December

Application Documents:

  1. Transcript of Records in English (signed, stamped)
  2. Language Certificate in English (signed, stamped)
    ITU needs a certificate of language in English from every exchange student. Prospective student’s language score must be at least B1 level (Intermediate) according to CEFR standards (without considering validity period).
  3. Digital ID Photo (frontal shot, white background)
  4. Online Application Form
    ITU has an online application system. After completing online application, please print out the form and upload the signed and stamped version into the system.

Note: We do not require hard copy documents for application.
Online application system has not opened for 2024-2025 academic year.